Hackney Hostel

This property has been in continual use as a hostel for the homeless or destitute since 1888. The building has had several phases of ‘improvements’ and the current plan is to maintain the existing number of residents but increase all the rooms sizes to meet or exceed the current standards. The development plan received planning approval from Hackney Council after several years of negotiations.

Funding and Planning Permission is now in place to proceed with the copper clad wrapping of new and altered accommodation. Included in the development are new public and interactive social rooms to develop the relations with the local community for the residents. Projects to improve and set higher standards for homeless people across London. Projects include work in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and south London.

Homelessness is a very pressing aspect of modern life. Irrespective of their background and circumstances, homeless people are often treated in a poor manner. There are a few groups working to improve the quality of temporary housing and LHA have been able to assist on three projects.